Healing Waters: Hydrotherapy Could Help Your Dog Overcome Pain

by Vanessa Luis

Hydrotherapy has been used by humans as a curative treatment since ancient times. It soothes and heals the body in many ways. Among all its benefits, it is particularly known to help relieve pain, strengthen muscles and improve balance and fitness. But it’s not just us who can benefit from it; healing waters can help your pet pooch too.

Known as canine hydrotherapy, this treatment is especially designed for dogs. It acts as a form of relief and remedy for chronic conditions like hip dysplasia, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), post-operative recovery, and any injuries or pains that might stress their legs and muscles.

To understand it better, check out the video of this aged Husky, whose back legs had almost given up on him:

Kane, the dog, is too old for surgery and has to rely on medications to relive pain. To help him cope with the turmoil, his owner found that taking him for a swim was proving to be quite beneficial. When in the pool, the dog is weightless and does not have to use any pressure on his legs, which was the cause of grief in the first place. It brought the owner great happiness, knowing that his pet wasn’t hurting anymore when he was in the pool.

Canine hydrotherapy has also helped Kane get back to his feet, sometimes with a little help and sometimes on his own. That’s because water therapy usually helps dogs regain their strength, soothes their pain and promotes general well-being.

If your pet needs a little help too, check out The Association of Canine Water Therapy, a body that can help you find a water therapy practitioner near you.

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