An Extraordinary Journey For Kidnapped Dog & Family

by Nancy Dunham

A kidnapped dog from Baltimore recently found a happy ending to an awe-inspiring story. 

Knox, a three-year old pit bull who was rescued in 2014 from a shelter, was kidnapped this past fall in a home burglary. After the Internet exploded with outrage, much to everyone’s surprised, the dog was returned a couple days later to owners Kaitlynn Marie Thomas and Joelle Taylor, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Thomas and Taylor credit Knox’s speedy return to his story going viral, sparking a zealous search for him. A GoFundMe page raised more than $8,000 as a reward for information leading to Knox’s return, according to The Sun.

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"Thank you so much to this community and to all of his supporters, for everything you have done to make this happen. Whoever had him knew they were on borrowed time and gave up," read a Facebook post by the owners according to The Sun. "We'll update more tomorrow. Tonight is for relief and for snuggling."

But at least one person didn’t receive the happy news about Knox’s return, according to The Dodo.

On New Year’s Day, Thomas received a telephone call from a man unaware of Knox’s happy ending. He had hoped the family would agree to adopt one of the puppies his dog unexpectedly birthed, reported The Dodo.

Thomas, a foster coordinator at Maryland SPCA, was doubtful but requested a meeting with the puppies. 

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"One of them just called to me," Thomas told The Dodo of the puppy whose mother had stopped caring for it. "She is a little bit funny and has a huge overbite and is the tiniest puppy.”

After some initial hesitation and discussion, the puppy named Noah joined the family. Knox has taken the role of big brother. “She just follows him [Knox] around," Thomas told The Dodo. "I let her sleep with me. She will curl up with him until he moves and then she'll curl up with me in my neck," she continued. 

Just a few months ago, this family was down one rescue dog, and today they celebrate life with two. Z Living’s love for stories like these is the foundation for our original show Finding Fido, where host Seth Casteel helps hopeful families find their perfect rescue dog. 

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