Orphaned Bulldog Puppies Saved By Loving Labrador

by Nancy Dunham

Recently, a group of orphaned bulldogs were united with a grieving labrador, creating a heartwarming canine family. The story began with two tragic births, and the hopeful grief of the surviving dogs and their owners. 

Dan and Katie Weese lost their bulldog Indy last month, soon after she gave birth to a litter of seven puppies. Their pet, Indy was a breeding dog for the Weese’s, and after this latest labor, she stopped breathing. They rushed her to the veterinarian’s office, but sadly lost the dog.

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Her death left the couple to return home to comfort the orphaned pups. Little did they know, a Kentucky dog owner would soon shine some light on this bleak situation. 

 “Hey guys I am terribly sorry to hear of your loss,” wrote Macy Grubbs on Facebook in response to a tribute Weese posted to Indy on Red White and Bulldogs. “I want to throw an idea your way; it may or may not help. I have a lab that gave birth yesterday and she lost her pups. She is grieving and producing milk like crazy. If you’re interested it might be worth a try. If we can help let us know.”

At Weese’s invitation, Grubbs and her Labrador Pixie made their way to Ohio, about a seven-hour drive, where the dogs were introduced. "It's like they were hers and she was theirs," Grubbs told Today of Indy’s acceptance of the puppies. Pixie met the bulldog orphans one-by-one, and quickly began licking, and playing with all of them. She also fed them, filling both sides’ voids from their recent tragedies. 

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The Weese’s plan to keep just one of the puppies, leaving Indy with plenty of newly adopted children to live with. As they move on with their destined dog, so will contestant’s on Z Living’s new show Finding Fido, where prospective pet owners are matched up with their perfect rescue dogs.

Do you have a touching dog-adoption story? Tell us about in in the comments. 

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