Lowes Inspires By Hiring Man And Service Dog

by Nancy Dunham

The use of service dogs for veterans is as common as it’s ever been, but many businesses and public spaces still don't know how to appropriately accommodate animals. This makes it difficult for veterans like Clay Luthy to go out to eat, shop, or even find work. 

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Luthy joined the Air Force after the attacks of September 11, 2001. He suffered knee injuries from his work readying cargo to be transported to Afghanistan, Iraq and many other locales, according to Bored Panda. The knee disabilities worsened after his discharge and necessitated several surgeries, and his need for a service dog.

Luthy had a difficult time finding an employer near his home in Abilene, Texas. It seemed that nobody would accept him with his four-legged friend Charlotte, until he applied at Lowe’s. While one might expect a small mom-and-pop shop to be the spot that opened its doors to the service dog, it actually ended up being one of the country’s largest hardware store franchises. 

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The internet rejoiced for Luthy’s new job, a major step forward in the fight to normalize service animals. For those skeptics out there, everything seems to be going swimmingly since the hire. Luthy elaborates in the Bored Panda piece, saying, “Charlotte is extra special. She knows the difference between her service vest and her Lowe’s vest."

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