Breathtaking Wedding Proposal Uses Tiny Rescue Kitten

by Nancy Dunham

One tiny rescue cat just took center stage in the most romantic gesture a woman named Kat Woodley has ever experienced. 

Around three weeks ago, she went to the Erie County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Tonawanda, New York, to adopt a kitten. As far as she knew, this was a solo-mission, an off-the-cuff decision made earlier with her boyfriend Jerad Forsyth.

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“I thought Jerad was at work,” Kat told the U.K. publication Metro. She continued, “I was very surprised… They handed me [the cat] and asked me to read the tag. Jerad’s aunt works at the SPCA, so I figured she bought us the name tag.”

It read, “Will you marry me?” 

Woodley’s surprise quickly grew, when her boyfriend promptly entered the room. He approached her, dropped to one knee, and proposed. Woodley, still cuddling the kitty they later named Gandalf, said yes while holding back tears. 

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These pet-lovers are currently planning their wedding, while raising the newest member of their family. "Gandalf is doing great! He's adjusting well," Woodley told Love Meow. "He's running around and getting use to his new home."

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