Behold The Evolution Of "Cat Yoga" Classes (Meow!)

by Nicole Gibbs
Animal shelters and yoga studios are teaming up to offer “cat yoga” classes, creating America’s latest and cutest fitness trend. The idea behind the movement is to increase adoptions of strays, while also raising money and awareness for shelters. This wild trend has inspired classes and partnerships in Illinois, Louisiana, New York, and Texas, among other states around the country.

How "Cat Yoga" Works (FYI, Cats Don't Actually Do The Yoga!)

The classes are offered by certified yoga instructors, most attracting around 10-15 participants, and adoptable cats are brought into the room to hang out while the group works out. Attendees practice their poses while adorable felines stroll around, creating a casual mingling atmosphere.

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"It's A Fun Way For People To Interact With The Cats"

Lisa Johns, a shelter owner in Marietta, Georgia, told Talk of the Town, “The cats are so curious. They are all up in your business but not in a bad way.” She continues, “It is also a fun way for people to interact with the cats. The cats get attention and get loved on and the people are in a calming environment where they can practice yoga and hang out. All and all, it is a fun experience if you are into yoga and you are a cat person.”
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Most classes are suitable for all levels, and yes, the down-dog position is still a staple. Apparently, cats can do a decent downward-facing-dog too. Natalie Provost, an employee at Seattle Metropolitan (a cat cafe in Washington) told K5 News that the cats often inspire poses that are made up on the spot. (She appropriately named one, “fat cat sat on the mat.”)
The classes have been wildly successful throughout the country, usually selling out and sending many kitties home to forever families. Check your local animal shelter for classes in your area!

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