Who's On Santa's 'Good' List? For Millenials, It's Fido

by Nicole Gibbs

In anticipation of Z Living's upcoming original show Finding Fido (premiering January 17th), where underwater dog photographer (yes, that's right) and behaviorist Seth Casteel plays matchmaker between a person and a pooch, we're collecting and telling a series of heartwarming pet stories and of-the-moment pet news. Follow along and check out our special Finding Fido spotlight here! 

Santa is coming, and he's predicting that that millennials will gift their pets more this year than any other age group. According to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s annual holiday outlook, the average pet owner spends $62 on their pet this holiday season. But millennial pet owners are likely to spend approximately $81 on their fur babies, more than any other generational group.

Millenials Are Choosing Adopting Pets Over Having Children

According to Forbes, almost 50% of US households have pets. These days, it’s normal to buy animals clothes, special beds, sweaters, even radios to talk to them when we aren’t home. Pets of the past never lived this kind of life of luxury, and part of the reason for this change is that people are waiting until later in life to have children.

Many millennials are putting off children and instead turning to furry friends to spoil, love, and care for. For some, it is a way to prepare to be a parent; for others, children aren’t part of their life plan. Regardless of the reason, pets are pampered just like children might be.

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The Pet Industry Is Booming

This increase in pampering has the pet industry booming. From fashion to fancy treats, pets are living large. And holidays are especially kind to our animal companions, because no one wants to explain to Fido why they are the only family member without a present under the tree.

Dogs are faring the best in the pet industry with businesses of every kind beginning to offer doggie options—from restaurant meals to beauty supplies. Pretty much anything you can get for yourself, children, relatives or friends, you can now find for your pooch too.

WATCH on Z Living: Finding Fido, where photographer and animal behaviorist Seth Casteel hosts plays matchmaker each week between a person and a pooch. Finding Fido premieres on Z Living on January 17. 

Tell us YOUR heartwarming dog story! We're starting a new series called How I Found My Fido and would love to hear how you found your dog. Click here to submit your story. You could be featured on Z Living!

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