Overweight Dog Loses Major Pounds

by Z Living Staff

Remember Vincent the dachshund?

The story of this overweight pup went viral last year. At his heaviest, he was 38 pounds, about twice the size for his breed — and it showed.

After his owner passed away in Texas, the dog was surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter. At this point, the poor dog had lots of health problems - ranging from high cholesterol to the risk of nerve damage due to the extra weight.

Enter Melissa Anderson, a dachshund rescuer who volunteered to foster Vincent and help him get back down to healthy size.

At first, the pup struggled to keep healthy food down. He was depressed by the loss of his owner and the change in his diet. “I’m not sure what the previous owner fed him, but I think it was all fast food. He was literally detoxing the first week," Anderson told CNN.

Eventually, Vincent got used to his new diet and even took up water aerobics.


Now, eight months later, all of Vincent’s hard work has finally paid off. A recent photo of him shared on his personal Facebook page shows a much slimmer dog who now weighs in at 17 pounds and loves going on his daily walks.

Now, the dog looks positively, ahem, fetching. :-)

Image Source: ABCNews 

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