How To Give Back To Animals This Year

by Nicole Gibbs

Many people are concerned about how animals in the country’s new political climate will be treated. People from both parties are worried that with all of the “bigger” issues that our country is facing will leave activists feeling like animals aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Luckily, it’s always in the hands of individuals to fight for animal rights. 

With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time of year to seek out organizations with animal’s best interests in mind, and consider donating or getting involved. Here are some of our favorites: 

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The Humane Society

Adopt a pet and save a life. Donate and make a difference in the lives of many animals represented by the Humane Society. With this organization, you can also volunteer at a shelter, or get involved in greater issues facing animals. 

The Humane League

The Humane League works to educate people about issues that affect animals. Join with them on the grassroots level and get out and talk to people. You can also donate, if talking to strangers isn’t really your thing.

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The Sierra Club

This group is all about working at the political level to pass laws, protect animals and the environment. For those who want to fight for animal rights in a bigger way, this is a good place to direct donations for the holidays. 

Vegetarian Resource Group

Factory farming is one of the leading producers of greenhouse gasses, contributing greatly to climate change. Reducing your consumption of meat, even if it is just one or two days a week, can have a major influence on our environment, while sparing the lives of animals. 

The US Government

Get to know your representatives and write to them. If your aim is to just give back to the animals this December, then do so by going direct to policy makers themselves. Become an active voice in the government’s animal rights sector, or learn about where animals are being underrepresented and direct your efforts there. 

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