Meghan Markle Wows Internet With Rescue-Dog Sweater

by Nancy Dunham

actress Meghan Markle
recently tweeted a photo of her beloved rescue beagle Guy sporting a Union Jack-adorned sweater. The internet went nuts for the image from the girlfriend of England’s Prince Harry, especially because of its snazzy sweater, a hand-me-down from Markle’s older labrador-shepherd mix Bogart. 

One Tweet sent, three causes promoted—the adoption of rescue animals, the importance of recycling, and the world’s desperate need for more canine fashion statements. 

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Although Markle has publicly said she didn’t grow up with dogs, her adoption of Bogart kindled her love for them. She later adopted Guy (a rescue) after a bit of prodding from Ellen DeGeneres.  

Sold on the experience, Markle has advocated for rescue adoption, even in the much-talked about sweater-tweet, for which she used tagged, #puppylove, and #adoptdontshop. This tweet had such an impact, that it inspired stories across the internet, including from major publications like Yahoo, People, and Us Magazine

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To add onto her rescue-mission in the tweet, Markle also added, #reducereuserecycle to bring a social angle to the hand-me-down-nature of the sweater. For more insight into Markle’s conscious and adorable aesthetic, check out her lifestyle website The Tig

Markle, 35, is not the first woman in Harry’s life to love dogs. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, has had over 30 corgis during her 64 year reign, reported the U.K. newspaper The Sun. So, if you’re not sold on picking up a new pooch this holiday season, maybe take a note from England’s elite—they seem to love them! 

Have a your own rescue-dog story? Share it with us in the comments below! 

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