Puppy Cake Cheesecake (#YUM)

by Jeffrey Kaplan
This article was originally published on dogphrendly.com - which is the ultimate guide for the places to eat, play and stay with your dog - and is re-posted here with permission of the author. 

To be a great entrepreneur you must be driven, passionate, and determined. You must fully understand your customer better than they know themselves. And you must be able to sell a quality product.  At Groundwork Labs we say an entrepreneur must be flexible, yet stubborn.
So meet Kelly Costello, founder of Puppy Cake. Kelly launched this venture then quickly found herself on Shark Tank in season 3. The bit didn’t go so well for Kelly -she was a little too early for that kind of investment and partner. But that was then, and this is now.

Now Kelly has a wide product line of all natural, healthy, and fun novelty treats to make with your dog(s). They are being sold in hundreds of retailers across the country and online. The Sharks missed a golden opportunity here. 

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From the site:

"Puppy Cake seeks to provide a healthy and satisfying treat for dogs and a fun experience for their owners. We use only human grade and natural ingredients in our products because we believe that Puppy Cake is held to a higher standard. Customer service is a top priority that we take very seriously. We first want to make sure every customer, from consumer to retailer, has a great experience. We stand behind our product 100% and will work to ensure satisfaction with every transaction. Our company wants to further the well being of canines throughout the US by donating a portion of our profits to animal rescue organizations."

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Kelly offers the original puppy cake, ice cream, and a cheesecake—all available in several flavors. Technically, the cheesecake isn’t out yet…but Kelly hooked us up! We got an early box when we met her last week and just made our first Puppy Cake Cheesecake. Check out the video below to see our interview with Kelly, followed by our taste test. 

 …Yes, I tasted it too. The dogs LOVED it. I was impressed, but I didn’t go back for seconds. It was fun mixing the crust and the batter. I absolutely felt more of a connection to the dogs in preparing this treat for them. One thing I really appreciated was the suggestion on the box's directions to make the cheesecake in cupcake molds. This way I gave each pup one, and had one for myself, and have 5 left over in our freezer - which can last there for about 6 weeks. Pretty soon in the summer heat our dogs will love this cool and frosty cheesecake cupcake.
You can buy these products online at puppycake.com, or on Amazon

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