There's A Real Puppy Island In Costa Rica!

by Z Living Staff

Costa Rica has some pretty amazing sites, from its unexplored beaches to its stunning botanicals. But now, we’ve discovered yet another reason why Costa Rica belongs on your bucket list.

It is home to a puppy paradise.

Located in the mountains of Santa Barbara in Costa Rica’s Heredia province, Territorio de Zaguates (or “Land of the Strays”, in English) is a volunteer-run animal sanctuary. There, you’ll find over 900 rescued dogs who are allowed to roam free through the green hills during the day and receive beds and shelter at night.

Because Costa Rica forbids euthanizing animals, the sanctuary acts as a touchstone between stray pets and those who are looking to adopt. The best part of this whole story is that LAND OF THE STRAYS IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Oh, yaas!

Visitors are more than welcome to get their frolic on among the pups and the rolling hills. You’ll feel like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, but with, you know, with dogs.

There are a lot of videos of this sanctuary going around the Internet lately, but we found the original one, which has all of the excellent doggy sounds to accompany the breathtaking views. Diviértete!

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