10 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

by Debbie Wolfe
You’ll be saving a life.
Shelters have a wide variety of dogs - one might be perfect for you.
The shelter will provide low cost medical care
You'll encourage others to adopt.
The shelter will conduct a temperament test for you.
Adopting from shelters help to shut down mass breeding facilities
By adopting, you are helping to control pet overpopulation.
You get to adopt an adult dog.
An adopted pet is great for your self-esteem.
A shelter dog’s adoption fee is affordable.
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In anticipation of Z Living's upcoming original show Finding Fido, where underwater dog photographer (yes, that's right) and behaviorist Seth Casteel hosts plays matchmaker each week between a person and a pooch, we're collecting and telling a series of heart-warming pet stories.Follow along and check back often - we'll have plenty to share!
If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, look to your nearest animal shelter or rescue. Shelter dogs make great companions and you’ll be helping in more ways than one. Click through our slideshow above for 10 reasons why you should adopt a shelter dog!  

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shelter-dogTell us YOUR heartwarming dog story! We're starting a new series called How I Found My Fido and would love to hear how you found your dog. Click here to submit your story.

Watch on Z Living: Finding Fidowhere photographer and animal behaviorist Seth Casteel hosts plays matchmaker each week between a person and a pooch. ​Finding Fido will premiere on Z Living in January 2017. 

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