FYI, Your Dog Is Judging You For Being A Jerk

by Brandon Topp

On our heartwarming new show Finding Fido, prospective dog owners meet a series of rescue dogs each episode, and spending time with each to figure out which one might be their perfect pooch — it's dog-human matchmaking! Tune in to Finding Fido Tuesdays at 9PM e/p, and learn more about the show here.

While the humans get all the facetime in Finding Fido's interviews, a new study suggests the judgment process is something that dogs are very much in tune with, too. Bottom line, if you're acting like a jerk or being rude, researchers say your dog is onto you. Yep, dogs judge humans.

Guess What? A Dog Knows When You’re Being Rude.

study recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews found that dogs can tell when a human is being a jerk and that can greatly inform that canine’s behavior.

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Here’s How The Study Worked:

The researchers put dog owners in a room with their pooch, with two researchers standing by. The owner would have a container, and act as if they were struggling to take the top off. In every round, the dog-owner would ask for help, and one of the researchers would stand by passively. The other researcher would sometimes help the dog-owner, and sometimes refuse to help him in an aggressive, jerkish way. 

After each incident, the both researchers would then offer the dog a treat. In the first case, when one researcher helped and the other stood by, the dog showed no favor, and was equally likely to accept a treat from either of them. In the second case, however, the researcher who acted like a jerk was almost always ignored, as the dog sought out the treat from the other researcher. 

A similar pattern was recently found with capuchin monkeys. And the results of these tests have inspired conclusions that both dogs and monkeys have a sense of morality comparable to that of human babies. 

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So, What Should We Do With This Information?

Number one: Don’t underestimate your dog! These are intuitive creatures that deserve and demand a certain level of respect. Take a look at the guests on our hit show Finding Fido, and see how they responsibly seek out meaningful relationships with rescue dogs, in which case they often take one home for a better life. 

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