How To Prepare A Thanksgiving Feast For Your Dog

by Nicole Gibbs

How should should families approach Thanksgiving for dogs? Don’t just resort to feeding them scraps and leftovers. It’s important that we remember that a dog’s digestive system is sensitive and that’s why canine’s have special food, which can be made even more special this Thanksgiving. 

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Before Feeding Check These Rules: 

* Don’t ever give your dog a poultry bone. Chicken, turkey and other bird bones splinter when they break, and those splinters can become lodged in your pets throat, stomach or intestines. 
* If your pooch has been eating a diet that consists mainly of dry kibble,things like cream, butter, sugar and high fat foods will be tough for them to digest. 
* Make sure to avoid foods that are on the “Do Not Feed” list. 

Also, Check Out These Ways To Elevate Your Dog's Thanksgiving:

Make A Classic Thanksgiving Dinner

Rachael Ray’s  “Thanksgiving Hash” recipe  is sure to be a hit with sliced sweet potato, skinless turkey, and stuffing all chopped into an easy-to-consume bowl. For something a little bit more extravagant, The Bark has a great Thanksgiving dinner recipe, which adds oatmeal to the above ingredients. 

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And Some Homemade Treats!

These adorable turkey treats from Two Little Cavaliers combine pumpkin, cinnamon, and peanut butter in a delicious cookie form, which is also a hit with humans. And these apple-bacon-cheddar biscuits from The Cottage Market are a more savory option to making Thanksgiving treats for dogs. 

Create A Place to Relax

No matter what you decide to do for your pets, remember that the holidays can be stressful for them too. Their routine is thrown off. They are around a lot of people and commotion that probably isn’t normal for them. Make sure they can get away from the crowd, whether it’s by leaving a dog-bed in a room, or taking them for an extra walk. 

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Do you have any Thanksgiving tips or treats that you would like to share with us? Comment below!

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