There's A Scientific Reason Why Your Dog Is A Lot Like You

by Brandon Topp

A new study from the journal Public Library of Science has proven that dogs personalities change over time to mirror those of their owners. So, the next time you’re looking for a new puppy, and interacting with different rescues — just like on our popular original show Finding Fido — remember that whichever dog you choose will likely grow to become as chill or excitable as you are. Learn more about the show here.

Here's How The Researchers Came To Their Conclusions:

The PLOS study consisted of recruiting 132 dogs and owners, then testing their natural stress levels and behavioral impulses. 

For the dogs, they looked at natural markers like heart rate, and levels of stress hormone cortisol in saliva after offering fake physical threats to them in the lab.

For the humans, the researchers had them fill out surveys on personality traits including: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, neuroticism, and agreeableness. The humans also filled out another survey about their dogs’ personalities. 

New York magazine breaks down the results saying, “The more anxious and neurotic the owner, the researchers discovered, the more likely the dog was to share those same traits. On the flip side, chiller dogs were more likely to belong to relaxed owners.” 

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This Is Big News for Prospective Dog Owners:

Considering these findings, it makes sense for prospective dog owners, like the guests on our show Finding Fido, to perhaps focus on different things when choosing a dog. For example, if you really want a lab, but the only one at the shelter seems a little too hyper at first, you can rest assured that it’s not a permanent thing. If you’re a calm person, then after living with you for some time, the dog is likely to adopt a similar sense of serenity. 

Dog owners training their pets by example also speaks to the intelligence of these animals, and the familial relationships between humans and canines. As with children, no dog is permanently one thing or the other, they are malleable beings, collaborative works of art. 

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