Coyote Prank Offers New Perspective On Holiday Pets

by Nancy Dunham

The holidays are a popular time for impulse pet-purchases, which gave one woman an open window to trick her husband into thinking she brought a coyote home. Those who want to push their loved ones to finally get that dog or cat, might benefit from a prank similar to the one this mom pulled. 

Kayla Eby’s Facebook page continues to garner new messages from people laughing about a post from last week. She Photoshopped of a coyote curled up in a ball on a towel. Eby then texted it to her husband and wrote, “I found this cute little dog outside… he doesn’t have tags or anything. He’s kinda scared. What should I do?”  

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Eby then sent a second picture of the coyote snuggling on the couch with their son.

Her husband Justin Bough totally bought it, and freaked out. He sent her a series of expletive-ridden texts. He told her it was a wild animal, and that she shouldn’t keep it. 

Bringing it back to the holidays, she texted, “Babe. You said we could talk about getting a dog for Christmas.”

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His petrified response reads, “That’s not a dog. Are you seriously not getting this?!” He went on to say, “That’s obviously a coyote.” 

Soon after Kayla let Justin know the photo and texts were a prank, and then posted screenshots of the convo for the internet to revel in. It earned over 90 thousand likes in its first week online. 

Kayla, who is identified on her Facebook page as a preschool teacher at Lil’ Sprouts near Seattle, hasn’t posted much about the coyote since going viral. She did, however, bemoan a recent TV segment that involved her: “Guys if I knew this was going to be on TV …I would have put my toddler in more than just undies”

Hopefully Justin gets the family a real pooch this Christmas, just to make sure he doesn’t get fooled like this again. 

Any plans to get a pet this holiday season? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments. 

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