10 Airplane Etiquettes Every Flyer Ought To Know

by Vanessa Luis

Dealing with turbulence and delays may be the least of your worries when on a flight;the real challenge is to get to your destination without being bothered by your fellow passengers.With the chances of bumping into rear seat kickers, Chatty Cathys and armrest hoggers almost certain, flying Economy these days can be a real bummer. Whats worse is that theres no real rule to airplane etiquette. But lets not underestimate the power of courtesy. If we all play our part, we can turn air travel into a much more pleasant affair for all.

  1. The moment you enter the plane, carry your cabin bag or backpack in front of younot behind you, or over the shoulder, failing whichit might accidentally hit a fellow passenger.
  2. Remember that carry-on space is limited. Always place your cabin baggage in the overhead bin, and dont hog another persons space. If you have two carry-on bags, keep the smaller sized one under the seat in front of you. If you really need to use the overhead bin to store your second bag too, wait until the doors close, and then scout for an empty spot.
  3. If you muststore your coat or jacket in the overhead bin, dont occupy a separate spot. Just keep it over your bag.
  4. If you want to switch spots during the flight, wait until the doors close, and then look for a vacant seat. As basic courtesy, acknowledge the personon the adjoining seat.
  5. Don't be the guy with the loud music. Even if you have your headphones on, be sure to keep the volume very low. After all, flights are very quiet; even the slightest sound can disturb the persons sitting around you. In an airplane etiquette survey by Expedia, 51 percent rated audio insensitive behavior as being most offensive.
  6. In the same survey, 37 percent claimed that reclining seats were offensive too. You wouldn't like someones seat falling in your lap, then why should you do the same?
  7. Feetoften swell up when youre on a long flight,and you may want to remove your shoes to make some more space. But yourfeet could be sweaty and stinky, and could make people uncomfortable. If you must remove your shoes, keep a shoe deodorizer or slipper socks handy.
  8. Are you a Chatty Cathy? Not everyone likes a talkative neighbor on flight. Sense your co-passenger's mood,and know when to hush up.
  9. If you encounter a talker, or a loud music guy next to you, don't snap or argue. Politely tell them you need some quiet time. Do it sooner, than later.
  10. While getting out of your seat, dont grab the seat in front of youit will instantly disturb the person sitting there. Instead, take the support of your armrest to get up.
There are several other things that may annoy or disturb your co-passengers. Keeping the reading lights on when all other lights are out, for instance, is very insensitive. Remember that you wouldn't like to be subject to any inconvenience during the flight, so don't cause any either.
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