10 Packing Hacks For The Smart Traveler

by Debolina Raja

One of the biggest concerns we have even before we set out to holiday is the pain of packing properly. Nobody wants wrinkled clothes, leaking shampoos and broken knick-knacks on the other side of their journey.

To avoid the disappointment, try these smart and easy hacks that will make your packing hassle-free:

  1. While folding and packing your ironed clothes, add a tissue paper on the sides and top of each layer of clothing to avoid wrinkles.
  2. Make more space in your suitcase by rolling your clothes (such as jeans and dresses) instead of folding them, and then tucking them in the suitcase tightly. You can also pack a set of your undergarments inside the main clothes for easy access.
  3. Attach a file clip at the end of your razor to avoid accidental cuts and nips.
  4. Use your oven gloves or pot holders to store your heat styling accessories such as ironing rod and tongs.
  5. To avoid your neckpieces from getting tangled, place one end through a straw and close it with the hook at the end.
  6. Place your ear plugs and cables in old spectacle cases to avoid them from getting tangled. You can also loop them around file clips and attach them at the end of the clip to avoid falling off and getting tangled.
  7. Make a soap pouch by placing your soap in a washcloth and wrapping it up. Use elastic bands to hold the pouch in place.
  8. Instead of buying travel-sized toothpaste, use the one you have at home by storing it inside an old but clean eye-drop container. Alternatively, you can hold your empty travel-sized toothpaste to the opening of the full-sized one and squeeze in some toothpaste into it.
  9. To prevent breakage in your powdered makeup (such as powder blush) add a cotton pad inside the lid and close it tightly.
  10. Pack your shoes inside shower caps or old/disposable bags to prevent them from soiling your clothes.
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