4 Books That Will Inspire You To Travel

by Shruti Shukla

In the midst of all your chores and the daily rat race, do you often find yourself overwhelmed with wanderlust? It’s understandable that one of these factors could be keeping you from fulfilling your desire—a serious crunch of time or money, or simply a lack of inspiration. We can help you with the latter.

We present a list of books that will inspire you to pack up and take off. While some will move you with the simplicity of fiction, others will give you practical wisdom on how to go about exploring the world. Ultimately, all you need to do is follow your heart.

1. How To Travel The World On $50 A Day
This book by Matt Kepnes has become “a bible for budget travelers” according to BBC. It dismisses the myth that you need to be rich to travel comfortably and seek adventure. It also exposes how we ourselves make excuses to not take that first step out of our nest. More than just a traveler’s guide, this book provides practical tips on how to save money and plan a fruitful trip, for both beginners and seasoned travelers.

2. On The Road
Jack Kerouac’s classic novel is a timeless travel inspiration. It is an account of experiences that transform the protagonist into a stronger, better and grounded individual. His desires to explore the world, his frustration and the adventures he undergoes, all have a reverberating effect on the reader. It might not provide practical travel tips, but the zest to travel against the odds, presented in a witty, humorous manner, will leave you enchanted.


3. Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide To The Art Of Long-Term World Travel
This book tells us that there is no ‘right time’ to plan a trip—start right now. Author Rolf Potts will fire you up to take off from your ordinary doings of life, and fulfill your dream of overseas travel. Besides giving you insights into financing your trip and determining a destination, he also helps you to adjust to life on the move, handle the adversities of it, and get back to normalcy once you’re back.

4. The Alchemist
As a famous quote cited in the book goes, “No heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams.” Quest, adventure and drama; Paulo Coelho’s fantasy novel helps you discover the transforming power of your dreams. What starts as a search for worldly goods, ends in the discovery of inner peace and happiness. This book encourages you to follow your heart, explore new lands, and chance upon exciting adventures.

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