5 Hot Springs To Warm You Up This Winter

by Vanessa Luis

The sheer bliss of slipping into a steamy hot spring during winter is undeniable. These natural mineral pools have long been known for their therapeutic benefits. Right from improving blood circulation, to relieving pain, to reducing stress, they warm you up in the cold season.

Go ahead, soak up nature’s goodness by taking a mini vacation to the nearest hot spring. We round up the best ones:

1. Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado
Opened in 1888 as the world’s largest hot spring pool, Glenwood circulates 3.5 million gallons of naturally heated spring water. Surrounded by scenic mountains, it makes for the most beautiful, relaxing soak in the state of Colorado.

2. Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming
Located in Thermopolis, Wyoming, Hot Springs State Park was built around the world’s largest single-mineral hot spring. The temperature of the mineral water is almost constant, at 135 degrees, and has to be channeled into pools to cool down before being supplied for public use. When you visit this National Park, don’t forget to take the famous buffalo tour as well.

3. Hot Springs, Arkansas
The town gets its name from the natural thermal spring water found here. For the same reason, it was also called the “the valley of vapors” by Native American tribes, as they came here to enjoy the healing waters. Why should it be any different for you? Sit back, relax, and soak in a natural, therapeutic session.

4. Strawberry Park, Colorado
Yet another hot spot in Colorado, Strawberry Park hosts the famous Steamboat Springs. After a long, tiring day of skiing and snowshoeing, unwind and relax in 104-degree mineral water.

5. Hot Springs In Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico
This has been a popular destination for dippers ever since its thermal benefits were discovered back in the 1800s. There are several hot springs located all over Truth Or Consequences, which flow out of a rift along the Rio Grande. Rest assured, you and your family will have a relaxing experience even during a chilly winter week.

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