Have You Seen CN Traveler's Newest Obsession?

by Z Living Staff

Today, in uber-cool marketing, we have the ultimate travel backpack. This hefty bag, called Traveler, was designed by LA-based This Is Ground. Watching the video, we can see that Traveler seems to hold a CRAZY TON of stuff, which we just love.

The stop motion video was created by Conde Nast, who reviewed the $750 carry-on on their website. We love how playful the footage is and how concisely it communicates what the CN loves about the bag: its breathless storage capacity. The video also shows off the product’s classic, sophisticated style without the use of (expensive) models.

According to the review, Traveler’s look and feel isn’t the only thing that makes it great as it has tons of smart features built in as well. Not only does Traveler include a (removeable) GPS tracking tile so you never lose your luggage, the bag also opens up, origami-style, into a TSA-approved tray. This allows you to get your laptop through security without having to remove the straps. It even comes with a built-in WIFI hotspot!


Image: CNTraveler
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