Fast Five: Must-Haves For A Relaxed Flight

by Debolina Raja

Jet lag isn’t the only side-effect of a long, tiring flight. In some cases, you could end up with a stiff neck, irritability, and severe dehydration, not to mention feeling grumpy and restless as you reach your destination.

Sure, the airline strives to make your travel comfortable. But if the very thought of a long airplane journey makes you cringe, perhaps you need to plan ahead. Don’t forget to pack these things in your cabin bag.

Here are a few must-haves for a relaxed flight.

1. An Essential Oil Of Your Choice
Use essential oils to create a calming environment, even when you are stuck in a packed and noisy flight.
How To: Add about two to three drops of lavender on your handkerchief or travel pillow and relax with your eyes closed.

2. Regular Or Noise-Cancelling Headphones
The best part about these headphones is that even if you do not want to listen to something at a loud volume, they will still cancel out the surrounding noise and make you feel comfortable.
How To: Pick good quality headphones that can drown out almost any noise, even those of crying babies.

3. White Noise Apps
White noise apps can help you choose from a variety of options such as raindrops, water bodies, hum of a quiet airplane, beach sounds, sand sounds and more.
How To: Browse through a selection of white noise apps that you can download on your phone a few days before you travel.

4. Eye Mask
An eye mask will help you doze off even when the lights are all on inside the flight, or if you are taking a day flight with the sun shining bright.
How To: Dab on a drop of essential oil on your temples, plug in the headphone and wear the eye mask to instantly fall asleep.

5. A Neck Pillow
One reason why you come out tired and sore after a long flight is probably the poor posture that most cramped flight seats force you to sit in.
How To: Invest in a good travel neck pillow that will allow your neck to relax.

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