4 Films That Will Inspire You To Travel

by Z Living Adventurer
This summer should provide many opportunities for you to feel the sunshine on your back and seawater at your feet. And if you’re like many of us, you also love daydreaming about the places you’ve always wanted to visit. So what better way to feed your travel muse than to get lost in stories that celebrate wander?

Whether you’re hoping to go to faraway countries, or looking to visit American cities, there’s a movie out there that might nudge you to pack a suitcase and hit the road. We’ve rounded up our four favorite films designed to inspire your next travel adventure. 


While the opening scenes of Up can bring even the most stoic among us to tears, the rest of this delightful animated family adventure is full of laughs and escapades. The movie has gorgeous scenes of waterfalls and forest-covered mountains, punctuated by whimsical moments like a floating house (powered by thousands of balloons).  And in addition to the film’s main characters, along the way we also  meet hilarious ones like Dug the dog, a giant wide-eyed bird named Kevin, and a vicious Doberman with a high-pitched helium-affected voice. Up starts and concludes as a tribute to a life well-lived.If you’re planning a family trip this summer, this movie is perfect kids conversation starter for curiosity about the world, friendship, and pursuing meaningful adventure. 

Lost in Translation 

Two Americans meet by chance while spending time in Japan. She is starting out her life – newly married, and looking to find her place in the world. He is at the other end of that journey– a retiring actor, who is discontent with his life back home. Both are at in between places in their lives, and find solace in each other’s company. While talking about the meaning of life and their search for happiness, they explore the cultural and natural beauty of Japan. From late-night karaoke parties to tours through beautiful gardens, this is a movie that highlights the unlikely connections made when you’re anonymous, alone and in a new international place. 

The Motorcycle Diaries 

Before Che Guevara became Che Guevara, he was a medical student who experienced the kind of critical observations, hope, and idealism  you can only sustain by leaving the confines of school behind and entering the real world. Whatever your feel about Guevara, the activist and politician, you will be taken aback by this story about a curious Cuban student who wanted to see all of South America:  its beauty, glory and sadness. The Motorcycle Diaries takes audiences on the backseat of this journey through gorgeous mansions, leper colonies, breathtaking nature scenery and overwhelming urban streets. 


This the true life story of Cheryl Strayed, a  woman who decided to embark on a three- month hike of the Oregon trail by herself after the death of her mother, a drug addiction, and the collapse of her marriage. Wild weaves a story about resilience but also trailblazing adventure.

At twenty-six and broke, Strayed felt that the best way to get her life on track, whatever that track might be, was to put on some hiking boots and find her inner hiking ninja. Along the way, she meets intriguing people from all walks of life, experiences glorious views of the Pacific West Coast, rips out a few toenails, battles her inner demons, and reminds everyone of the redemptive nature of travelling alone. 

Portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in the film, Strayed is a worthwhile character to watch because she reminders us of  the upheavals your internal world can implode on you while travelling.

Still feeling unsure about planning a travel experience this summer? Make some time for a movie marathon an upcoming weekend and get motivated by the colorful sights of these movies.

Has a movie inspired you to travel recently? We’d love to hear from you -- let us know all about it in the comments section below!
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