The Funny Side Of Air Travel: Check Out TSA’s Instagram

by Simona Terron

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) which is a part of the United States’ Homeland Security Agency, works seriously to protect national security, and make air travel safe for everyone. What is surprising, though, is their tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, which comes across loud and clear in their Instagram posts of memorable items confiscated from travelers’ bags.

Educative and cautionary, they’re also deadpan hilarious in their attitude to dealing with passengers carrying dangerous and prohibited items as diverse as live eels, live grenades, loaded firearms, Ninja throwing knives, even a cannon! TSA officials are always hoping passengers will read the list of prohibited items before packing, so that they don’t waste everyone’s time during baggage checks, but terrifying and funny incidents occur with alarming regularity anyway.

One passenger was unaware that the clay pots they’d purchased contained human skull fragments, which led to the airport being shut down and flights delayed for hours thanks to the site turning into a crime scene.

Another time, a routine bag scan discovered a lady’s pet Chihuahua who had climbed in when she was packing. Luckily for owner and dog, the little stowaway was discovered before being hurt, and duly sent home.

Air travel can be fun and safe, but you do need to pay attention to the TSA guidelines. Check out their Instagram page if you’re looking for some information on what to pack, and what to avoid. The good news? It’s perfectly alright to carry pie.


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