Is Europe Safe For Travelers?

by Z Living Staff

Despite the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Europe is still a wonderful place to vacation. With its lofty history, record-breaking museums and all that A-MAZ-ING food, the Old World remains a must-see for any traveler.

That being said, these are strange times so you want to be careful. The New York Times has a great roundup of all the ways to take care when traveling to Europe. They explain each tip in detail, so be sure to check out the article if you’re actually traveling.

For the rest of us, take a look at this convenient summary below. 

  1. Log travel plans with the State Department.

  2. Know how to contact the American Embassy.

  3. Find out how to contact local authorities in case of emergency as not all countries do “9-1-1”.

  4. But remember — those numbers aren’t going to work from your US cellphone, so get a local SIM card for your phone at the airport.

  5. Be vigilant in Public Places and when using transit.

  6. Share your itinerary with friends.

  7. Understand the differences among travel insurance policies.
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