More Than Just Good Deals: Unique Travel Sites You Must Try

by Charlene Flanagan
It's common for an excited traveler to seek flights using the usual suspects, such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, MakeMyTrip, Travelocity, and SkyScanner for budget-friendly travel options, but what if we told you that there are websites that can do so much more than just get tourists great deals?

Here are some money savers and aggregators for the soul filled with wunderlust.

To put it simply, if you're confused between two destinations and your final decision depends on the budget then you've come to the right place! Travelmath let's you crunch the numbers, not just for hotels and airlines, but travel time, distance, cost of driving versus taking the bus versus taking the train.

Now, you can do this for a single trip, or compare two side-by-side. Either way, this one's a dream come true for the Type A personality or basically anyone who likes to be super organized and know exactly what they're signing up for when committing to a trip. Check it out here.

More often than not, in a bid to save a few extra dollars, most budget travelers do the obvious—opt for the cheapest flights that invariably come with many connecting flights and long layovers. But, what if there was a way you could save money and make the most of your time? Log on to to get the best deals, especially when traveling abroad.

The site will connect you to flights from different cariers (not restricted to partner airlines) even for roundtrips, giving you the cheapest itinerary, while providing you with ample hours to explore the city or country you have a layover in.

With savings from $70 to $400, the 30+ hour total travel time won’t look so intimidating anymore because you're basically experiencing the goodness of two destinations (layover city and final destination) at the price of one. For those who aren't pressed for time, this site's pretty damn amazing

If you’re a frequent flyer, there’s a good chance you’ve racked up a sufficient number of miles to help cover your future travel expenses. However, there's nothing more disheartening than realizing your miles have expired, sometimes just days before you intended to use them.

You of course can keep tabs through alerts on your calendar, but makes all that hassle a thing of the past. It’s your one-stop portal to manage and redeem miles from multiple loyalty programs, giving you updates in real time and notifications beforehand about expiry dates. Ready to join the jet-setting lot?
Most of us have watched The Holiday so the concept of swapping houses isn't exactly brand new but not many make use of it. This could be because of a variety of reasons. You need to find someone who wants to go on vacation the same time as you, and is feeling as generous about giving up their homely abode freely to a stranger.

But, consider this: A fully furnished apartment during the holidays is so much better than a hotel room where you're constrained to room serice and the same four walls. 

How it works is simple: Users can browse through more than 70,000 vacation homes across 160 countries. When they stumble upon a home that suits their needs, they make contact with the owners and arrange to exchange homes with them for free. This way, you save on lodging. All you need to take care of is your food and travel. It’s one heck of a bargain! 

Use during the holidays (you're more likely to find someone compatible to trade places with).

Unarguably one of the biggest success stories in recent times, don't confuse AirBnB with a simple house swap site. The way it works is that it connects you with registered and verified hosts who either have a room to spare, a house to rent, or rather unique accommodations like castles, or even igloos.

The transactions are easy peasy and there's a host of options for every kind of budget. Both host and guest score and rate each other based on the experience and in that manner, you develop some travel cred, so to speak.

This one's a great way to make money when you're out of town—you can rent a room, the house, the living room, whatever you please. 

Well, they say traveling makes you smart; with these websites at hand, you just got a whole lot smarter!
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