No Time For A Long Holiday? Try A Microadventure

by Simona Terron

There isn’t one of us who doesn’t dream of leaving it all behind, even for just a little while, and escaping into a world of excitement, freedom and plenty of leisure time. But even though we crave the opportunity to leave behind our tight schedules, deadly deadlines and the drudgery of everyday life, we go right ahead and deny ourselves this basic happiness. Instead, we make promises to save up for that amazing holiday, to plan a fantastic getaway, to finally take a vacation–but only after we’ve finished paying loans, or wining that promotion, things that can take away the best years of your life.

Now the time has come to break free without waiting for those faraway goals–just go on a microadventure. The concept is outlined beautifully in a book by Alastair Humphreys, the author, blogger, motivational speaker and of course, adventurer who was picked as National Geographic’s ‘adventurer of the year’ for this amazing travel idea.

What’s A Microadventure?

In his words, “Adventure is accessible to normal people, in normal places, in short segments of time and without having to spend much money. It is only a state of mind.”

It’s a short trip that doesn’t eat into your time or finances, but still manages to give you the thrill of adventure. It could last anywhere between 24 and 48 hours, but is really quite open-ended. A short summer trail, a mid-week hill climb, camping in the backyard or setting up a tent on the nearby beach, a microadventure could be any of these, as long as your heart’s into it.

Why Take It Up?

This simple expedition or challenge is close to home, affordable, and easy to organize. It doesn’t ask for you to make time, but to work with whatever little time you have, so don’t make excuses and don’t procrastinate.

According to Humphreys, the concept encourages ordinary people to get out there and do stuff for themselves, even in tough financial times. If like him, you believe that adventure is about stretching yourself: mentally, physically or culturally, and doing what you normally wouldn’t do, then it’s easy to believe that adventure is around you at all times, waiting to be discovered.

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