This Time Travel App Is A Vacation Must-Have!

by Charlene Flanagan
Do you consider yourself a travel junkie? No, we mean someone who is more than just the wanderlust soul; like, have you ever wished to be able to see the several wonders of the world when they were being built or stood in all their untainted glory? Well, I sure felt like that when I visited the Colosseum in Rome—visions of Gladiators fighting it out to the end flashed through my mind. 

That's exactly why I'm so excited about the launch of the Timelooper. Easily the coolest app to have for those who love to travel (available on iOS and Android), the Timelooper transforms any smartphone into a virtual reality device that lets you see what the famous places looked like back in the day.

In layman's terms, what the app does is make use of a virtual reality headset to play videos that reference the spot from centuries ago in a 360 degree view; it also replays historic battles and other momentous events. You will never look at the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Palace of Versailles or the Tower of London the same way once you've experienced this immersive virtual reality.

How It Works
Founders and creators Yigit Yigiter, Alper Ozyurtlu and Andrew Feinberg have worked very hard to give travelers and city guides the next big must-have. “We actually overlay the current infrastructure with what the infrastructure of the tower and the surrounding environment was like in, say, 13th century London,” says Andrew.

The smartphone's built-in motion detection allows time travelers wearing a cardboard headset (like the Google cardboard VR headset) to move their gaze around the virtual world, seemingly exploring iconic sites as they were centuries ago. However, there is a catch. The videos are location-based. This means visitors must visit the sites to unlock the historical experiences.

The concept is brilliant and I think it will definitely pave the way for more apps that are geared towards enhancing tourists' experiences. For those who are curious, here's a video that will take you through the workings of the app in one quick reel:

Images Via Instagram/ #timelooper
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