Why You Should Travel Alone This Summer

by Meredith Grace
There’s an outdated stigma for women traveling alone which implies that by doing so, they are putting themselves in unnecessary danger from strangers and foreign ways. Yet, in the modern world of technology and travel resources set up by other solo travelers, it’s becoming more and more apparent that these fears are generally unfounded, depending on the country. 

Those who have traveled solo understand just how amazing solo travel can be—there seem to be countless solo traveler blogs popping up on the web every day. The stories and experiences shared by those traveling on their own demonstrate the rewards that come from experiencing a new place as a party of one. Here's what some me-time in an unknown land can do for you:

Whether you’re successfully negotiating and haggling a price in a foreign village market or simply making it to the correct airport gate on time, little wins you’re directly responsible for are a serious confidence booster. If you’re feeling like you’re lacking in achievements or need something new and impressive to share at the next dinner party you attend, why not share stories of how you navigated through the winding hills of the Northwestern wine country, or picked up a new language at a Yoga retreat in Bhutan?

Self Discovery
woman-traveling-aloneThere is no better way to gain an intimate perspective on yourself than by spending time alone. If you’re reeling from a breakup, taking time off from work, or simply need a weekend to recharge, traveling alone is a great way to push your boundaries and get out of your comfort zone in a joyous way. We recommend having a dinner date with your notebook; indulge in a delicious meal and jot down whatever comes to mind—random thoughts, observations about the people around you and the emotions you feel, maybe even start a novel! 

If you’ve ever been on a trip with a new travel partner, you might be familiar with how frustrating it can be to have planned an itinerary of activities, only to encounter that the other half of your party wants to sleep in until noon, or has no interest in visiting the natural history museum you’ve been dying to see. When you travel on your own, you’re completely in control of and can set the best laid plans into motion.

Traveling alone might reveal untapped insecurities or fears you may not even know you had. This helps you gain appreciation for the people and things in your life that bring you daily comfort when you’ve been spending multiple days in an unfamiliar city where you don’t know a soul. Even in a simpler scenario, there’s no better feeling than coming home to your familiar, comfy bed after spending sleepless nights on a lumpy hotel mattress. 

New Relationships
women-traveling-aloneYou’ll be surprised by how many other solo travelers you encounter along your journeys, especially if you seek out activities that force you to meet new people. Sign up for a walking tour or look for a meetup during your visit. For an even better chance of meeting other travelers, stay in a hostel or communal lodging. Hostels have become a popular choice of accommodation given the new-and-improved arrangements in most rooms and facilities. You’d be surprised at how comfortable some high-end hostels can be—and affordable! Likewise, staying in an Airbnb with a host is a great “in” for finding the places where locals like to hang and forging new relationships. 

Traveling enriches your life and doing it alone gives you life lessons you’ll remember decades down the road. Yes, it might be scary to embark on a trip by yourself, but confronting that fear head-on is a huge accomplishment. Plus, once you’re on your way, you’ll feel the apprehension slipping away. Who knows, you might actually have the time of your life! So book those tickets, get behind the wheel and go your own way. 
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