Reimagine Travel With Our Favorite Vlogger Devin Graham

by Charlene Flanagan
Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? This ain't no ordinary travel vlog. Strap in as Devin Graham takes you down the offbeat path for a ride that’s as spectacular as it is thrilling, all through an HD lens. This star videographer is famous for his adventure and extreme sport videos on the YouTube channel DevinSuperTramp. With 3.9 million+ subscribers and over 736 million views, 400,000+ strong following on Instagram and about 125,000-odd followers on Twitter, if you're not a fan yet then you sure will be by the time we're done introducing you to the 32-year-old.

We : Devin Graham's ability to make you reimagine traveling experiences as he infuses adventure and adrenaline into popular locations to give you surreal moments that may make you scream with excitement, or well up with joy.

It's almost like you're in a movie where scenic locations and landscapes breathe life and engulf your very being. Picture sky diving into the field for the world's longest touchdown, or rope swinging from the arches of the canyon state of Utah in the Moab city, maybe even flying under water in Belize with a SubWing—Devin explores America in ways no one has.

As a traveler, he helps you see that one doesn't need a fancy hotel, an expensive tour package, or the same old done-to-death locations; it's about immersing yourself in the experience, thinking of the possibilites that the scape has to offer to get your heart racing, and  pushing your boundaries to take back memories, not just pictures.

Whether you’re looking to get inspired for future travels of your own, discover new locations that haven't yet, but should make it to your bucketlist, or simply to be an armchair adventurer and live vicariously through Devin’s quests, here's a travel vlogger nobody can be immune to with good reason. 

What You Can Expect
  • If you’ve watched the remake of Point Break, you’ll totally get what Devin’s channel is all about. Packed with a crazy amount of action and adventure, strap in and brace yourself for what DevinSuperTramp has in store.
  • Superb clarity with videos shot using glide cameras, Go Pro, underwater cams, drones and many other hi-tech gadgets to film reels in HD; the quality of even his track shots are at par with those from any professionally shot travel shows on NatGeo, TLC, and the likes.
  • Are you an adventure lover? Devin’s videos of flying underwater, insane rope swings, human slingshots and water jetpacks are only the tip of the iceberg.
  • For the sports enthusiast, Devin takes gameplay to epic proportions. Check out zorb soccer, slam dunk supertramp style, or even assassins creed meets parkour. Trust us, they’re an exhilarating watch.
  • And while you may be psyched to check out the final product, watching the Behind The Scenes making for these daredevil videos will give you an equal thrill!

What Everyone Will Love
It takes a great deal of dedication and skill to do what Devin does. The end result—an absolutely stunning roster of films that almost makes you wish you could have been a part of the process. But, there’s so much more to Devin Graham's not-so-typical rags to riches story. He started out by borrowing equipment and cameras from his friends; cut to today, he receives sponsorships from the likes of Mercedes Benz, Pepsi, Papa John's, and other big guns.

If you beleive that life is trule an adventure, then there's no better way to look at it than through Devin Graham's HD lens!

Image Via Instagram/Devin Graham
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