Travel Trend: Would You Go On A Uni-Moon, Or Solo Honeymoon, To Revive Your Relationship?

by Simona Terron

There’s tremendous pressure on relationships these days. Thanks to the rush of our fast-paced lifestyles, we rarely find opportunities to spend quality time with our significant other, and this can lead to all kinds of strain on communication, intimacy and our expectations of each other.

Fortunately, there seems to be a wonderful solution going around, and it’s called the solo honeymoon. Also known as the uni-moon, this involves taking a trip on your own in order to get in touch with yourself, and reassess life goals to become the best version of yourself.

Why Go Solo?
While some folks tend to do this after experiencing heartbreak, as immortalized in the movies Eat Pray Love and Wild, both of which were based on real-life stories, more and more people are giving this a shot either just before or just after they get married, while others are doing this to breathe life into their decade(s)-long marriages.

A uni-moon also makes perfect sense for busy couples that find it difficult to sync their vacation schedules, but desperately need and deserve a break.

It’s Time To Take Off
From exotic destinations to staycations, long road trips to indulgent retreats that include therapeutic massages and meditation sessions, a variety of options are possible to make this a reality.

Critics are quick to point out that such trending phenomena are only a confirmation of the current generation’s obsession with themselves. After all, isn’t a solo trip a sure sign of being too individualistic, and a uni-moon a total oxymoron considering marriage or a relationship has togetherness as a goal?

We leave you to think of that, as you kiss your partner goodbye at the airport. Give it a go—head to separate departure gates and take that solo trip. It might just sweeten and sort your relationship.

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