Pravassa Emerges As A Leader In Wellness Travel

by Ronke Idowu Reeves
Wellness Travel by definition is the art of traveling to promote health and well-being. But thanks to Linden Schaffer, founder of Pravassa, the first wellness travel company that offers gorgeous mindful excursions to feed your mind, body and soul, the term just got a major luxurious upgrade. Pravassa offers destination travel on many tiers and their international locales include Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and Spain. The company allows them to fully engage in a unique culture, food, landmark and holistic living experience with charming accomodations.

Z Living spoke to wellness travel expert Schaffer about Pravassa, the exciting experience they offer travelers plus their upcoming Fall 2016 Japan Tour Experience.
How would you define Pravassa? And how does it differ from other wellness travel experiences?
Pravassa is the first wellness travel company in the U.S. to curate group and custom wellness travel experiences. Our vacations are all built on the foundation of our 5-tenet philosophy: Breathe. Move. Mindfulness. Experience. Nourish. Each vacation we offer our clients touches on wellness by offering programming such as yoga classes, hands-on cooking classes, participating in cultural festivals and invite-only events. Wellness means something different to every traveler so our pre-trip education and one-on-one phone calls allow us to customize the travel experience so every person gets the most out of their vacation.
Describe some of the options that are available to your clients during a travel experience.
We offer our signature experience, which are organized group tours as well as our personal experience, which are customized. So anyone to go to our website to plan one of those trips. Many of those travel events range between 5 to 12 days. We program each of those days with some kind of mindful activity like yoga, or mediation, or mindful walking or hiking. We always have cultural experiences included. So we might go to Bali where we're invited into the homes of certain people to celebrate festivals that you wouldn’t be able to access on your own. But also, for people who don’t want to travel in a group or can’t make the dates we have available, we can take our group itineraries and customize them.  I’ll also listen to the clients to find out what their wants or needs are because wellness is different for everybody.  Some people love to do cooking classes, some people love to do wine tasting, some people love to only eat raw, so we can curate it for you exactly the way you prefer.

The international locales you’ve visited like Bali, Costa Rica and Thailand are breathtaking.  How do you choose your destinations?
In the very beginning it was more of my personal bucket list more than the places that people would be most interested in. Bali is the first place that I went and that was courtesy of a competition that British Airways created. From there, it’s been a combination of  what people are most interested in and where do we find companies that are willing to work with us when it comes to wellness travel. Wellness and travel may not seem that important when you separate the words in the phrase. So when you put them together sometimes other cultures have a hard time trying figuring out what you’re looking for. India has a wealth of wellness opportunities but it took a long time for my clients there on the ground there to select the right components of places to visit to create a wellness vacation that Pravassa is known for. We are very careful about scouting all of our locations personally. We provide hotels, we’ve worked with everyone on the ground in the different countries to  provide our clients with a huge comfort level.

Pravassa has a very exciting upcoming first wellness tour this year traveling to Japan on October 13th through the 23rd. Tell us more about what travelers can expect from that experience.
As the leading brand in wellness travel, we are always thinking of new and interesting ways to cultivate wellness experience for travelers that will excite them while also delivering a perfectly balanced journey that will leave them feeling refreshed and fulfilled. Japan is a country steeped in wellness, ripe with ancient wisdom and full of tradition. The country has never hosted a wellness tour so were thrilled to be the first brand to do so. The travel itinerary will pair city visits with themes including uplifting, grounding, solo exploration and respect in Tokyo; honor and creation in Shirakawa-Go; and movement, reverence, quietness and appreciation and Kyoto. Daily yoga, walking mediations a hands-on cooking class, bicycle tour, and Autumn Harvest celebrations are some of the unique activities participants will enjoy. Additionally, travelers will partake in forest bathing, a Japanese healing techinque, discovered in the 1980's, which uses the five senses to engage in one's surroundings and absorb offerings of the Japanese forest.

Photos courtesy of Pravassa

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