If you suffer from lack of impulse control, especially when it comes to food, you may soon need not worry. A device is now set to revolutionize the way we eat, particularly for those suffering from obesity.

VBloc, a gadget that employs electrical impulses to suppress the desire to eat, is the size of a matchbox and can be fitted in a 90-minute long keyhole surgery. The device is implanted into the rib cage with a wire running to a nerve at the top of the stomach that helps regulate appetite.

According to Scott Shikora at Harvard University, “This technology could transform obesity surgery. Presently, all the operations for obesity that are in practice, alter the shape of the gut. This device leaves everything as it is.”

He further added, “A lot of patients, even though they want to lose weight, don’t like the fact that as a result of an operation they have to change their food and how much they eat. This treatment will just control their natural impulses to overeat.”

While you may want to resort to these treatments in case of a dire need, getting on a healthy food plan and weight-loss program is a good place to start.

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