The world of beauty and fitness has really seen some crazy trends.  And if they’re to stay true to form, here’s another outrageous way you can do it—charcoal. Yes, you read it right, charcoal! Apparently, drinking charcoal juice is a new-age cleansing ritual that is gaining much traction in the world of beauty.

Needless to say, the juice doesn’t look quite as appetizing as its more flavorful counterparts. Beauty blogger Annie Atkinson endorses the concoction, made from activated charcoal and greens, saying that it really affects the skin in a positive way.

And if we go by Gwyneth Paltrow’s outlandish beauty practices, charcoal lemonade is one of the “best juice cleanses” according to the actress. And it doesn’t stop with the Iron Man star. In November 2014, popular NYC chain Juice Generation, launched a new range of health drinks that were packed with activated charcoal, like Activated Greens (nearly black in color), Activated Lemonade (gray) and Activated Protein (creamy slate), retailing at $9.95 a pop.

However, there is some sanity in an otherwise crazy world in the form of Beth Warren, a Brooklyn-based registered dietitian-nutritionist who says, “Adding charcoal to vegetable juice doesn’t make sense because the charcoal, not the drinker’s body, will absorb the juice’s nutrients.”

Are you ready to tread through these murky waters?

Charlene Flanagan is a lifestyle journalist whose love for language drove her to earn her Bachelor’s degree in English literature, as well as pursue her Masters in Arts. Over the last five years, she’s contributed to a number of leading publications, and has particularly enjoyed reviewing books and restaurants, as well as interviewing celebrities. Her recent switch to a holistic lifestyle has her looking at her food choices very differently—although she won’t admit it. When she’s not busy writing up about workouts, home remedies, and skincare essentials, she spends her time being the quintessential city girl who’s excited to see what life has in store for her.