Did you ever think that the cereal you mindlessly gulped down this morning could influence your life so much? Turns out, it could be the reason you’ll live longer. According to a new study, the fiber in cereal is a potentially protective component for a longer and healthier life.

The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study, which revealed that people who ate more cereal fiber had 19 percent reduced risk of death as compared to those who had less cereal. It was also found that high fiber cereal eaters had a 34 percent lower risk of death from diabetes, and a 15 percent reduced risk of death from cancer. People who ate a lot of whole grains and dietary fiber had a 17 percent lower risk of all-cause mortality.

It was concluded that cereal fiber led to a really healthy diet that prevented premature death. One need only eat at least 10.22 grams of cereal fiber per day based on a 1,000 kilocal daily diet. The study has been published in BMC Medicine.

Source: ANI

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