Aging is a horrifying fact for many women. But if one goes by a research, British women start to worry about the aging process at the tender age of 24.

The study, commissioned by Dean Nathanson, managing director at CACI Microlift, shows that women start to fret about wrinkles as soon as they hit their twenties, reports

The average woman starts to purchase anti-aging products at just 21, despite the survey revealing that the majority of women do not start to notice wrinkles until they are 28.

The participants admitted that their lifestyle could be held responsible for aging. The survey shows that 42 percent of those surveyed were worried that their heavy drinking and smoking would speed up their chances of getting wrinkles, and 57 percent said the stress of life and work was making them looking older.

As many as 76 percent of the participants said that eye area was what they were most concerned about. Other troublesome spots included the forehead, mouth and cleavage.

“We really wanted to try and pinpoint the age when women start to worry about aging, and although it may seem shocking that young women are concerned about wrinkles, it hasn’t come as a huge surprise to us,” said Nathanson.

Source: IANS

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