One might think that the constant moving back and forth between two homes may harm the mental health of kids in joint-custody arrangements, but that might not be true after all.

Researchers in Sweden found that while children whose parents don’t live together have more psychosomatic health problems than kids in nuclear families, the kids in joint custody arrangements had fewer issues than those living with a single parent.

After looking at the quality of life, health and mental health, it seems like both children and parents fare better when children are taken care of alternately by the parents after the separation. Based on the study, they found that overall, children who lived only with one parent reported the most psychosomatic health problems, and more of them also said that they experienced these issues constantly or frequently.

Sleeping problems were the most frequent, affecting 22 percent of children living only with one parent, and 19 percent of kids who lived mostly with one parent. Just 14 percent of children in joint custody had sleep problems, as did 13 percent of kids in nuclear families. Headaches followed a similar trend, afflicting 19 percent of children living with only one parent, 14 percent of kids in joint custody, and 12 percent of children in nuclear families.

Because psychosomatic health problems can be related to stress, the researchers had expected to see more symptoms among children in joint custody. However, surprisingly, children who move frequently and have two homes, experience less stress than those in one stable setting.

Source: Reuters

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