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An all-too-familiar sight for anyone who has ever dropped or gained more than two dress sizes, stretch marks should be considered as scars of battle; battle with your weighty issues, to remind you of the struggle you went through.

Sure, there are some remedies to lighten their appearance, but that said, we’re loving how Chrissy Teigen wears them with pride on her latest social media post.

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‘Stretchies say hi!’, she writes, as she wants you to focus on the bruises she experienced while opening the drawer, and uninhibitedly acknowledges their existence.

Pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, or stress, are just a few of the many reasons for these line formations around the abdomen, breasts, thighs, upper arms and butt. With your skin having lost its elasticity or being pushed to the limit, you will first notice purple-red(ish) stretch marks, which over time take on a whiter hue.

They’re extremely common, particularly on women’s bodies, and we’d rather you wear them with pride like Teigan, than Photoshop your way to a skinny-minnie like Lindsay.

Image Courtesy: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

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