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Healthy competition is always a good way to push you towards your fitness goals and keep you on track. Now, imagine if you were pegged against your own friends. While each of you are trying to shed the pounds and have distinctly individual weight loss journeys, comparing notes never hurt anyone; in fact, it raises the stakes in a spirited way.

Keeping this in mind, the new Matchup fitness app lets you synchronize your devices and compete with one another. Various fitness trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Garmin, Misfit, and The Moves App (iOS and Android) can be aligned with Matchup, which then lets you select a fitness challenge that must be completed by all. There are four variants: Streak (track your success by hitting each goal off the list); Journey (plan your next travel destination); Leaderboard (your aim is to be numero uno among the competition); and the Head-to-Head challenge (you are paired with different opponents each day to track your success).

You can rope in competition from across the globe, or do it with your neighborhood friends or gym buddies. They serve as honorable rivals who also become your support system and help you inch closer to the goal.

John Contreras, Matchup’s cofounder says, “It is rare that an entire group of friends, family, or co-workers share the same devices… With Matchup, we create an opportunity for a group of users with various devices to connect and join challenges together.” He adds, “This transparency makes it easy for users to support each other with nudges in case someone is beginning to fall into sedentary patterns.”

If you’ve fallen off the wagon, we think this is the best way to get back in the game!

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