Compression Clothing: If someone suffers from muscle tension or soreness, compression clothing is the way to go. It improves blood flow, repairs damage and prevents cold weather cramps. Socks, sleeves, vests, pants—here are some great gifting options for various budgets.

When it comes to exercise, we’ve already equipped you with the know-how to make the perfect debut at the gym, and also given you some insight on the unsaid protocols and etiquette one must follow. Now, we talk about how the attire you choose, contributes to your fitness and performance.

The basic idea is to wear whatever we’re comfortable in. But, whether you need to invest in compression active wear or not, has for long been under debate. It is believed that form-fitting clothing helps build muscle tone and keeps your skin from sagging.

Fact is, studies now suggest that while compression clothing doesn’t make a direct difference, it can have a placebo effect, which in turn, positively affects your performance levels. A small group of athletes were followed during two workout routines. Once, when they donned compression gear, and the other time when they didn’t. It was observed that there was no noticeable difference in their performances. However, two athletes made a point that they believed compression gear enhanced their performance, and in fact, researchers noticed that they did perform marginally better than the others.

So, if you go in believing that compression gear will enhance your workout, then perhaps it’s worth the investment. If not, you’re better off without it, and even a few $100 richer, we might add.

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