Diet soda weight gain

Long overdue, finally someone has identified the need to get ‘diet’ sodas to drop the misleading tag, considering the artificial sweeteners in these beverages actually make you gain weight (don’t satisfy the inherent sugar craving), while also loading you up on caffeine.

An advocacy group, The Bay Area US Right to Know, is filing a citizen’s petition directed at the US Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission, to prevent companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi from promoting their sodas as diet (weight loss) drinks.

There are already research studies out there, that link weight gain and diet soda. The researchers concluded that among participants who reported occasional use—drinking less than one diet soda a day—the waist circumference increased almost two inches. And among those who consumed diet soda every day, or more often than once a day, their waist circumference increased over three inches.

Besides weight gain, over-consumption of diet sodas can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome and contribute to cardiovascular diseases. In fact, it has also been concluded that indulging in diet sodas can lead to bulging bellies among adults (guess the infamous beer belly has met its match).

So, the next time you fall for the fat-free, low-fat and diet labels on any product (why just sodas?), think again, and instead opt for some healthy herbal concoctions that actual help dissolve body fat for a change.

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