Want to lose weight but tired of running after nutrition labels? Maybe it’s time to make choices beyond nutritional knowledge and pay attention to our emotions.

Emotional wellbeing forms the foundation of healthy behavior. It is the ability to understand the value of our own emotions and use them to move our lives forward in a positive direction. Learning to pay attention to our emotions could enhance the choices we make with regard to food, thereby helping us lose weight.

A study appearing in the Journal of Marketing Research suggests that emotional ability training can help us get a better understanding of how we feel and how to use our emotions to make better decisions. According to the research, people who receive general training in recognizing their emotions are more likely to chose healthy items and tend to lose weight in the long run.

It not only improves our food choices leading to a better diet, but also makes us happier and healthier because we are able to relate better to others and are more concerned with our overall wellbeing. Hence, consumer educational programs should put less focus on reading nutrition tags and instead encourage exercises that enhance emotional awareness.

The answer to losing weight successfully is to address what’s behind unhealthy behavior!

Source: IANS

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