While we were busy sulking about our Monday blues, the A-listers were up and about to kick-start their week with some serious hardcore training. Well, considering it is a mood elevator, we’re guessing they came out the other side a lot happier than we did.

So, we spotted Eva Longoria breaking a sweat on the Pilates megaformer, because like the rest of us, she too wants to be beach ready this summer. “This is my Monday morning…ugh. But I’ll be happy when I’m in a bikini in a month! #PilatesIsSoHard #WorkingOutSucks #ISecretlyLoveIt”, posted the stunning actress. With resistance training as her go-to, we’re not surprised she manages to pack some extreme muscle tone, even in that tiny little frame of hers.

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Also on our radar is Dwayne Rock Johnson, because seriously, how neat are those custom kettlebells?! We love free-weights; they make for the perfect workout accessories as they take up very little space, and help you get in some serious strength training within the comfort of your home. As for Dwayne, he’s got the best pair of the lot: “Had to halt our movie’s production for a min to come outside and open my very special delivery. I’m the boss so I can do fun shit like this… #GonnaHaveABlastThrowingBigfootAround #100lbKettleBells #DaddysHappy”

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On an end note, if you were wondering how Ellie Goulding looks so stunning in itsy-bitsy bikinis, her Monday videogram may give you a clue. Can you imagine how hard it must be to hold heavy weights between your legs for extended periods of time? A shoutout to Ms Goulding, who totally owned the hell out of this workout!

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Image Courtesy: Eva Longoria/Instagram, Ellie Goulding/Instagram and Dwayne Johnson/Instagram

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