Some people just have it all, and Salma Hayek is one of them. According to the 48-year-old beauty, there was a time she never had to workout to maintain her beautiful curves. However, these days, you’ll find her doing yoga quite religiously.

“I never exercised my whole life, but now I do yoga. I’m pushing 50 but I feel great. I looked worse in my youth! I’m in good shape right now,” says the Mexican beauty.

Following in her footsteps might not guarantee her physique, but it could be the first step to that body you want. Besides, her recent photoshoot for The Edit, the Net-a-Porter magazine where she’s posed in a series of high-end garments, showcases her stunning figure in the best light.

According to her, she’s always been borderline chubby. “I like my food and, frankly, I like my wine.” she says; well, the proof is in the pictures, and they suggest that the food and wine suit her just fine!

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