girl doing fat yoga outdoors

It’s quite normal to have workouts designed to suit specific demographics. Yoga studios in particular, have different sessions for new mommies; women who are pregnant; those who want to meditate; folks who want to lose weight; or, those who want to ease the stress of an injury.

However, this is the first time that classes are now being classified into body types, because not everyone is keen to do downward facing dog with skinny people staring at their unshapely buttocks. It’s normal to have a fit instructor; in fact, that’s one of the things you should look for in a trainer (someone who practices what they preach). But, a surge of yoga studios that cater specifically to larger individuals is now taking over America. Here, those who are heavier don’t feel body conscious and can indulge in the practice, minus the inhibitions.

The studios go by different, but representative names—Fat Yoga, Mega Yoga, Buddha Yoga or even Plus Size Yoga; you get the drift. The asanas or poses are modified to suit the level of fitness of heavier individuals, keeping their flexibility and body capabilities in mind. Over time, the instructors modify the plan as you slim down, and the focus is to look into your cardiovascular and respiratory health, in order to help your body carry the extra weight.

While we do think they serve a purpose and there would be a lot of takers, maybe modifying the names to be a little more discreet would help induce confidence in the self-conscious applicants. Also, what happens when the person loses the weight? Are they not welcome at the Fat Yoga studios anymore?

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