FitBit is the go-to fitness tracker for most who want to monitor their exercise, diet, activity and sleep patterns. It is without doubt, one of the most popular fitness gadgets and accounted for 50 percent of wearable devices in 2013.

However, in the last few years there have been many competitive activity trackers that have revolutionized the fitness market. In order to hold their own, FitBit has now partnered with third-party app makers, and one such is FitStar, their most recent takeover.

This new addition will supply high quality videos on fitness and yoga to give FitBit users personalized workouts. FitStar also has an adaptable feature, which modifies your goals by spotting your strengths and weaknesses over time.

With FitStar joining FitBit’s current portfolio of bands, clip-ons, and weighing scale trackers, their aim to give you a 360 degree experience appears to be on the same lines as Under Armor, which bought MyFitnessPal and Endomondo, earlier this year.

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