After 45 minutes of cardio or strength training, you tend to crave food and fluids to replenish the deficit in your body, and sure, some post-workout snacks are extremely healthy and prove to be a great fix without piling on the calories.

Now, researchers at the University of Montana claim that fast food should be an option for recovery, after you are all out of energy and sweat. If your gym bag is stocked with energy bars and energy drinks, ditch it and indulge in your greasy, food cravings. Fast-food is just as effective as sport supplements (wish they had told us sooner, right?).

A total of 11 male cyclists were studied, where, after an intense workout, their glycogen levels dropped (it is a source of energy). One group was given fast-food, while the other was fed sports supplements. This brought to light that there was no difference between the ‘diets’. Both food preferences were excellent at supplying energy and fueling your body.

However, the clincher here is that the fast-food must be eaten in moderation. Portion control is key. Once you’ve got that locked down, feel free to indulge in a homemade chicken burger instead of a protein shake; it’s all the same after a workout.

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