Imagine your immune system whose main responsibility is to protect your body against predatory invaders attacking your body instead. This is known as an auto-immune disease. A new study has pointed that obesity pays a major role in triggering and  prolonging auto-immune diseases.

Obesity breaks down the body’s protective mechanism, creating an optimal environment for auto-immune diseases. According to Yehuda Shoenfeld from the Tel Aviv University, 35 percent of the global community is obese, and more than 10 percent of the auto-immune diseases have been known to be associated with increased weight.

Shoenfeld conducted a review of 329 studies from around the world on the link between obesity, adipokines (compounds secreted by fat tissue and involved in numerous physiological functions including immune response) and immune-related conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Shonefeld added that after a review of the study, it was clear that there was involvement of adipokines in the pathogenesis  of auto-immune diseases.

More than a third of the American population is obese, exposing them to a high risk of diabetes, auto-immune and heart diseases, which is why it is vital to adopt a fit lifestyle.

Source: IANS