If you’re someone who considers themselves spontaneous and relies on their gut, there’s a high chance that when you’re down in the dumps, you’ll load up on double servings of those carb and sugar-loaded snacks.

According to a new study, the more impulsive you are, the more likely it is that you will binge eat when you feel low. Researchers Kelly Klump and Sarah Racine believe that it is encoded in human beings to want to turn to something for comfort after a bad day.

However, their research, published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, reveals that the tendency to act rashly when faced with anything difficult is a personality trait that’s common with mindless eating.

The research revealed that people with these eating disorders generally have higher levels of negative urgency or a tendency to act impulsively when experiencing difficulties, as compared to people who do not have compulsive eating habits.

The researchers are optimistic that if the instinct to eat every time something stressful arises is treated, they stand a good chance of helping a number of people with various eating disorders, including obesity.

If you too, are an emotional over-eater, maybe you should learn How To Snack Smart in order to not go off the rails.

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